12 Ways to Turn a Rotisserie Chicken Into a Week’s Worth of Meals

The next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a rotisserie chicken. In addition to being a Costco cult favorite, these flavorful, fragrant birds are huge boons for meal prep. Since they’re already cooked and whatnot, you can start incorporating them into your recipes right away. Shred up that meat and throw it into chili, or dice it into cubes and add it to a quesadilla. Heck, even eat it straight off the bone—no shame, it’s a delicious lean protein source just the way it is!

Not to mention, the average rotisserie chicken costs about $10 to $12, which is especially affordable when you compare the amount of meat you’re getting to the amount of work you didn’t have to do. One quick note: If you’re trying to keep it healthy, opt for a plain bird over a spiced bird, as those that are prespiced tend to have lots of added sugar and sodium. And remember, just because you buy it plain doesn’t mean it has to stay plain—you can always add your own spices at home.

Not exactly sure how to begin working with your precooked bird? Let these 12 recipes get you started. All of them are tasty, simple, and versatile enough to work for lunch or dinner. Because one chicken can absolutely feed you for a whole week.


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